Thursday, March 20, 2008

Saint George, Utah!!

Here are a few pics from a trip about a month ago.  I wasn't going to post but figured what the heck and did it anyways.  I traveled to Saint George in February with the softball team for their first tournament.  It was so much fun and the weather was beautiful!  It was a little different being on the other side of things, meaning not playing, and being in the dugout keeping the scorebook, but it was such a great experience for me to learn from a different perspective.  I miss playing with all my girls and love them to death!  They are such amazing players, people, and most importantly, great friends.  Heath came down also and we were able to spend a little time together.  We  didn't do much because really, there wasn't much to do but go and watch softball all day which we enjoyed doing!  Heath is such a great support to me and the team!  They all love him so much! I am so grateful for him in my life and to know that he is mine forever!  I love you Heath!!

Our Doggies!!

These are our dogs Dixie and Munchkin!!  They are the best dogs and we just miss them so much.  Our living arrangements did not allow for us to have dogs so we had to take them to Arizona but we still manage to get down there and see them every once in a blue moon.  We hope soon to have a permanent home and bring them back up here with us.  As you can tell, they love to be cuddled by heath!  Dixie is the blue queensland, and munchkin is the black and white queensland, border-collie mix!  Aren't they just so cute!!!??

Friday, March 7, 2008

Heath, Myself, and the wonderful Bailers!!

We went to Arizona last wednesday and just got back this past Tuesday.  We had so much fun.  We went to Phoenix and stayed with Ash and Aaron for the first couple nights.  It was so good to see them and we had so much fun seeing them, the new little Gracie, and of course Bailey.  We helped Ash out a bit on Thursday with Bailey by taking her with us for a couple hours.  We had so much fun with her.  We went and got some yummy donuts from Dunkin Donuts!  She loved them!!  She loved them so much, she was practically sleeping when she was eating them in the car.  it was so funny!  We loved spending time with her and teaching her a few new things.  Heath was really the only one that could get her to say much.  They are BEST buds!  She learned to say, "Holy cow"which to her is.. "Cow, Cow"  and also "Cracker" which she says very well.  We just love Ash and Aarons little family so much and really look forward to the next time we see them and can stay again.  We love you guys!

Our bowling buddies.. Whit and Taylor!

We LOVE to bowl!!  Although it has become a little difficult for me at the moment, I still enjoy going to watch and be in that "bowling" atmosphere.  Heath loves to bowl and really is pretty darn good.  We enjoy bowling with sis, and roomy, Whit and her good friend Taylor.  (amazing guy by the way).... anywho, we always have so much fun together!  Here are a few photos from our last bowling trip!!

I am trying to figure this out!!

I am very new to this and really to be honest, haven't a huge clue what i am doing, but everyone tells me to get on it so i am trying.  Just bear with me.. Heath and I are just fine and dandy here in utah.  We just got home from a week long trip back home which was tons of fun and we definitely could have stayed longer if my schooling didn't get in the way.  But we are home again and back to our everyday lives.  Heath just got a new job driving truck again.  He just drives back and fourth all day hauling and dumping dirt.  sounds fun huh?!  I, myself am just going to school and then i have plenty of free time now to get my studies and other things done.  It is so nice not having to be rushed around all day between school and work!  I finally have a little "free time" to get a lot accomplished.  Our little baby girl is doing well and growing like a weed.  we just can't wait till she finally comes to see us.  We get so exited everytime we talk about it we can't even stand it.  She has already brought so much joy into our lives.  She is VERY active and never slows down.  lets just hope she does when she arrives!  She must get that from her momma cause i sure can't sit still for very long either.  We are so exited for her arrival and will continue to keep everyone up to date!