Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Something New!

Yes, we are still alive and well!  I have been a horrible blogger to say the least and really hope to do better. Addi and Aspyn are growing so fast.  Addi is now 2.5 and Aspyn is now 17 months.  I can't believe how the time flies.  They keep us very busy and entertained.  Heath and i are doing well!  just working and taking care of our kiddos is about all we have time to do these days.  Here are a few pics we had done a few months ago I thought I would share for now. I love these girls!! 


Chelsea Coon said...

oh my goodness your girls are seriously adorable!!!!

Jana Porter said...

cort! so glad to see you guys are alive and well, your girls are so so cute!

White Out said...

FINALLY!!! SO cute!!!